What is a C&P examination?

If you filed a claim for VA disability benefits, you may be asked to go to a (compensation and pension) C&P examination as part of the VA disability process. This is an important step toward getting the results you desire. The compensation and pension examination is going to provide the VA with a medical opinion. This medical opinion is evidence the VA uses to determine whether someone should be service connected and what their disability rating should be. Although C&P examinations (and independent medical examinations) may be inconvenient or frustrating, they are a necessary step to take in order to receive the disability benefits you’ve earned.

Preparation for the C&P Examination

One of the most common complaints we hear from veterans is that the C&P examination was inadequate, too short, or the VA doctor didn’t listen. At Berry Law we have found that veterans who go to C&P examinations with a proactive mindset have a better experience than veterans who just show up without any preparation.

There are a few ways to prepare for your C&P examination:

  1. Bring your complete medical record, including any doctor’s reports or tests that you have done in the past. This will give the VA doctor a better sense of your medical history and may influence your disability rating.
  2. Make sure that you have a good sense of what symptoms you have and how often you experience them. A great way of accomplishing this is to keep a small notebook on hand or take notes on your phone when you experience symptoms caused by your disability. Another great way to prepare is to have a spouse, friend, or family member also keep track of what they observe.
  3. Show up to your exam just as you are — you want to give them a sense of how you are on a daily basis, so just be yourself and don’t downplay or exaggerate anything.

Another way to give the physician a better sense of how your disability impacts your life is through the eyes of a family member or friend. If you bring someone who you are close with to your exam, they may be able to provide more insight and make sure you don’t leave out any important or relevant information. While a C&P examination is not always a pleasant experience, having supportive person and additional medical information can help make your experience more positive and effective.

If the VA denied your disability claims or gave you an inadequate disability rating, Berry Law may be able to help. We represent veterans nationwide. Contact us today.

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