Veterans Find Peace Through Fly Fishing

Project Healing Waters, a non-profit dedicated to helping physically disabled and PTSD afflicted veterans find quietude post-service, is making positive waves throughout the veteran community via fly-fishing.

Since its nationwide conception in 2005, Project Healing Waters has taught thousands of veterans the ways of the fly rod. About once a month, the organization takes more than a handful of vets to quiet rivers and brooks all over the US to find tranquility and learn a new skill.

For many veterans, finding something to occupy their time and more importantly, their mind, post-service can be a daunting task. “We’re dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active service military personnel and disabled veterans,” John Davis, a volunteer for Project Healing Waters reflects, “We provide our expertise, our experience in helping these veterans to enjoy this affliction we call fly fishing.”

In the off-season, the group hosts indoor learning sessions to hone in on the technical aspects of their newfound craft. Overtime, Davis notes, everyone becomes more comfortable and able to focus-in for longer periods, adding yet another benefit to the cause. And it’s all at no cost to the veterans thanks to corporate sponsorship’s and private donations.

These outings offer both physical and mental stimulation they’re unable to find elsewhere, a truly invaluable resource. To learn more, donate, or get involved with Project Healing Waters, click here to visit their website.

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