What Do I Do if the VA Denied My Claim?

Above is a picture of me upon my arrival to Fort Hood to serve with Alpha Company 1-5 Cav 1st Cavalry Division. I had just finished several months of infantry officer basic training at FT Benning. As soon as I arrived, the S-1 told me to get a Stetson and that I would be assigned as a platoon leader. The company commander made me sign for four Bradley Fighting Vehicles. After I got over the initial excitement I realized that I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

Most people who served as officers remember what it was like to be a second lieutenant and not really know what was going on. Most enlisted folks knew how clueless we were as 2LTs. Our subordinate leaders were happy to point it out. It was frustrating to be confused most the time, but you had to pretend that you knew what you were doing to survive.

Many veterans have expressed similar frustrations when they receive a decision from the VA. For most veterans, it took a lot of courage, patience, and determination to file a VA disability claim. Those veterans waited for months – if not years – to get a rating decision, and then they receive a confusing letter from the VA telling them that their claim has been denied or that they have been service-connected for a disability in an amount far less than what they expected to receive.

At Berry Law Firm, we assist veterans in appealing VA disability claims. Many of our lawyers and staff have first-hand experience with their own VA claims. We understand how it feels to be as lost as a second lieutenant when trying to figure out the next step or what the VA actually wants from you to grant your benefits claim. We have helped thousands of veterans appeal VA disability benefits claims.

If you need assistance appealing a VA disability claim, you don’t have to feel like a brand new second lieutenant. You have resources available. As a lieutenant, I had a great company commander and first sergeant. I also relied on my platoon sergeant and squad leaders to guide me. Without the help of competent officers and NCOs I would have failed.

Fortunately for our veterans, there are county veterans’ service officers, service organizations, and veterans disability benefits lawyers who can help you succeed. If the VA’s rating decision has left you feeling lost and confused, please contact the Berry Law Firm.