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TDIU – Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability

If you have service-connected disabilities that prevent you from working, you may be eligible for TDIU or IU (individual unemployability). There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re applying for TDIU Benefits:

  1. Only your service-connected disabilities will be considered. Unlike when you apply for Social Security Disability, the VA may not consider all of your disabilities. For example, if you have PTSD and a back condition that are service connected, but arthritis in your knees as a result of a car accident after you got out of service, only your PTSD and back condition will be considered.
  2. Age isn’t an issue. If you are otherwise eligible for TDIU or IU, but are of retirement age, or have retired, you’re still eligible.
  3. You cannot be gainfully employed while receiving IU or TDIU. If you can only work part time, or only work at a family business because they work around your disabilities, that doesn’t necessarily count as “substantially gainful employment.” If you’re receiving IU or TDIU, notify the VA immediately if you do find work.

Veteran TIDU Benefit Lawyers

How do you qualify for TDIU or IU? First, you need to have at least one service-connected disability rated at 60 percent or more. If you have more than one service-connected disability, at least one must be rated at least 40 percent, and your combined rating must be at 70 percent. The VA must also consider your educational and occupational history when determining whether your disabilities prevent you from working. Even if you are not considered 100 percent disabled, you may be paid at the 100 percent rate on the basis of Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability.

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