Raising Awareness of PTSD

Throughout the US, individuals have been raising awareness of PTSD and breaking the stigma surrounding it. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health problem that may develop after a person endures an extremely stressful situation such as a natural disaster, assault, or warfare. U.S. military veterans are those that are most often associated with PTSD symptoms, because of the large number of individuals suffering from mental instability and war flashbacks after their deployment has ended. Two war veterans from Wisconsin recently walked through Nebraska on their way to California as a way to raise money for an organization dedicated to helping U.S. veterans and their families as well as break the stigma surrounding PTSD.

Both of the veterans on the walk have been diagnosed with PTSD and thus have personal reasons for their crusade to raise money and awareness. Raising awareness of PTSD has gone well for them, they have so far raised $60,000 for the veteran organization Dryhootch and hope to reach their goal of $100,000 by the time they reach their Los Angeles destination.

A diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder requires various modalities of treatment so that symptoms can be treated and successfully managed. Sometimes it is difficult for people to admit they are suffering with negative mental or emotional symptoms, especially if the individuals suffering these symptoms are U.S. veterans accustomed to protecting and caring for others first.

Monetary compensation for those suffering from mental instability and war flashbacks due to PTSD may be available. An attorney may be able to help veterans diagnosed with PTSD by representing them in a claim with the Veterans Administration. A lawyer may have access to consultants as well as medical records and other specialized data in order to gather evidence about a veteran’s military service record and the resulting disability to request compensation for medical expenses.

Source: NTV, “Two Iraq War Vets Travel Through Nebraska on Their Journey to Raise Money and Awareness“, Alissa Willard, November 04, 2013.

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