More Colorado Vets Turning to CBD for Help

With the passage of the Farm Bill by President Trump in 2018, Hemp based CBD use is on the rise in the Veteran community. One Colorado company, WarFighter Hemp, is using this economic opportunity to give back to this group.

All too frequently, combat injured veterans are prescribed powerful opiates to combat the pain from combat injuries. This, however, has only pushed America’s opiate crisis further. WarFighter Hemp looks to remedy this problem through low-THC hemp.

Hemp, increasing in popularity, is known for its many medicinal and industrial uses. While it is the same plant that produces marijuana, it diverges from “regular” weed as soon as you look further than its classifying name.

With a federally mandated maximum yield of 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound that produces a “high”), CBD Hemp is becoming widely accepted as a safe alternative to traditional painkillers. It’s utility goes further than just physical relief too. Vets struggling with PTSD related issues have reported CBD as a good reliever of anxiety and stress without the debilitating psychoactive effects that regular marijuana can have.

WarFighter Hemp customer Tanganyka Daniel reflected on her experience recently in an interview with a Colorado-based new network: “When I came home, my PTSD came in the form of nightmares. So I knew right away something was wrong, and it was up to me to get the help that I needed,” she says. “The opioids that they prescribed me made me feel like a zombie, I could not think, I could not function as a human, so I decided to take a natural alternative path.”

The health benefits of CBD are also stirring up conversation within the health professional community. Colorado Dr. Kamal Kalsi became a spokesperson for WarFighter Hemp following 19 years in the Military and after recognizing the positive physical and psychological health effects of the plant.

Once stateside post active duty, Dr. Kalsi said he realized something needed to be done about the opiate problem in America and started recommending CBD to his patients.

“I’ve had patients come to me and say ‘I’m not a zombie anymore,'” he reports. “It brings tears to your eyes hearing stories like that. Because it’s made such a profound difference in people’s lives.”

If you have any further questions on CBD and its legality around the US or in Nebraska, don’t hesitate to call us and ask to speak with one our many experienced  attorneys today.