Georgia Homeless Veterans Get Unique Housing Solution

One non-profit organization in Georgia is combating the homelessness problem that’s plagued the Veteran Community in a unique way.

With the rising trend of “tiny homes”, Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless (CSAH) found a cost-effective solution to provide affordable housing for their homeless veterans. Built through community donations by volunteers, non-profits, and businesses willing to lend a hand, these houses come fully furnished and paid off.

While only 16 x 8 feet in size, they provide a viable solution to an overwhelming problem. In Savannah alone, one out of every 16 homeless person is a veteran. CSAH Executive Director Cindy Kelley reflects this sentiment in an interview conducted earlier this year: ““That’s not acceptable. We should care about those who may be injured from their time in service, or may not have the means to live in our very expensive apartments in our community.”

Rampant homelessness throughout America’s veteran community has been largely avoided or unaddressed for years. Recent action on this issue has drawn in some much needed attention however, the population of homeless vets is still overwhelmingly disproportionate. Organizations like CSAH and Without A Roof aim to provide viable and cost-effective solutions to these issues.

CSAH is planning on moving their “inaugural group” of residents in during July of 2019 with hopes of filling all 72 homes in the following months.

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