Examinations for VA Claims

VA exams, also referred to as C&P exams, are usually scheduled after the filing of a compensation or pension claim.  In the past, these exams were scheduled at VA medical centers or clinics.  In many cases, VA now uses contracted medical practitioners to conduct these examinations.  Instead of receiving a notice from VA about an upcoming examination, you may now receive a notice or a phone call from the contract examiner regarding arrangements for the examination, or even to contact them within 10 days to schedule an examination.  Be aware, that VA rarely advises us that an examination has been scheduled.  When contacting the contracted examiner, inquire about the condition that is to be examined.  You may call us with any questions you may have about the exam process.

What is the purpose of a VA exam?

A VA exam is conducted to gather the necessary evidence to determine the disabling effects of the claimed condition, and whether a disability is at least as likely as not related to military service.  During the examination process, the examiner may ask questions, observe your behavior, review your medical history, and perform an examination of the claimed condition.  Use this examination process to explain an injury, symptoms, or disease for which you were treated in service.  If your service records do not contain evidence of an injury in service, explain to the examiner why this is so.

The VA examiner usually will not tell you if your claim will be successful based on the examination.  That is the function of the VA Regional Office.  If your decision is denied, we can discuss whether an independent medical opinion should be sought.  On occasion, Veterans sometimes encounter a less than friendly examiner or a rushed examination resulting in an examination that was not thorough.  If this is the case, please contact us so that we may make note of the examination experience.  We may be able to use this information to request a new examination.

Following your VA exam, the examiner will send a report of your examination to the VA Regional Office.  In many cases, you will receive a decision within 30-60 days following the examination.

If you are unable to attend a VA exam, please call the number of the examining service to give them a good reason why you are unable to attend.  Good reason or cause can include illness, car breakdown, work commitment, inclement weather conditions, etc.  Ask that the examination be rescheduled.  If your request is refused, please contact us and we will notify the VA and ask that the examination be rescheduled.

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