Alaska Veterans Brave Sub-Zero Temps, Forge Lasting Memories

Even in the coldest, darkest corners of America, Veteran support is trending upwards. One group of Veterans in Alaska is looking to help their fellow service members through ice fishing and other outdoor expeditions.

The group, called Harderwater Warriors, is part of a bigger faction of nonprofits (called Alaska’s Healing Hearts Organization) dedicated to offering outdoor recreational outings and opportunities for Vets and injured soldiers. In the three years Hardwater Warriors have been up and running, they’ve ushered more than 340 veterans through their frigid doors. One of the groups organizers, and a vet himself, remarked on why their mission is so vital, especially in Alaska. “People come to Alaska and it’s cold, it’s dark…this is an opportunity for the families to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.” He continued, “We have a lot of sponsors that help us make this happen as well, and we provide everything that our vets need to come out with their kids and enjoy a day on the lake.”

On a regular year, the Hardwater Warriors hold around 10 events year-round, weather permitting. Everything necessary to ice fish is provided by the organization and all skill levels are encouraged to join in, no experience necessary. To learn more about the Hardwater Warriors, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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