After years of loyal service, receiving a rejected disability benefits claim from the VA feels like an unceremonious dismissal. Yet, remember, your response is pivotal. Berry Law, the trusted ally of veterans, stands by your side, guiding you through the complex maze of VA appeals process. As a U.S Marine, Seth Chambers possesses a keen understanding of the VA’s tactics, and this proficiency is reflected in the words of a relieved client:

“Seth knows the intricacies of the VA’s game. He helped me create a compelling appeal, addressing all the reasons for my initial denial, presenting new evidence, understanding the law cited in their decision, and communicating it effectively. This wasn’t just a blind process of filling out forms; Seth and Berry Law engaged with my case seriously. He understood my struggles, placed me in front of the right people, and led me to do the right things at the right time. It was a holistic approach that got me the right results. Last week, I received my 100% VA rating.”

Seth Chambers Veteran Advocate at Berry Law.

With Berry Law by your side, rejected claims can become successful appeals. Berry Law goes the extra mile, empowering you to reclaim what’s rightfully yours: your benefits and your dignity. Because at Berry Law, your fight becomes theirs too.

Who is Seth Chambers?

Seth Chambers brings a wealth of military expertise to his role as a Veteran Advocate at Berry Law, where he has been making a significant impact since 2017. Notably, his service extends beyond the office as he is also part of the Marine Corps Reserves, fulfilling his duties as a Marine Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for FEMA Region VII under the Marine Forces Northern Command.

His journey with the military is filled with numerous distinguished assignments. Among them, Seth was part of the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169, participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom II.2. In 2004 and 2006, he deployed to Iraq, contributing to the nation’s cause. Upon returning, he served at the Marine Recruit Depot San Diego, where he showcased leadership as a Series Commander for two Hotel Company cycles and one Fox Company cycle, subsequently taking on the role of Executive Officer in the Special Training Company.

In 2010, Seth sought an assignment to MALS-36 in Okinawa, Japan, later supporting the 2nd Marine Division as the Senior Marine Liaison Officer in Manas, Kyrgyzstan. Post active duty, he returned home to Lincoln, Nebraska, continuing to serve in the Marine Corps Reserves. Holding the rank of Major, his roles included Regional Deputy for Readiness Support Program for IRR Marines, Inspector for the 4th Marine Division’s G-7 inspection team, and the Executive Officer for MALS 41, 4MAW at NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas.

Seth currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska, cherishing life with his two daughters. He boasts an impressive academic background, holding an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and an MBA with a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Nebraska Wesleyan University. As both a seasoned military professional and a dedicated advocate for veterans, Seth Chambers embodies Berry Law’s commitment to serving those who have served

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