Army Veteran Vincent Vargas: Doing This His Own Way

Army Veteran Vincent Vargas: Doing This His Own Way

Army veteran Vincent Vargas never imagined that he would turn into a successful author, actor, and producer as well as a successful entrepreneur because, before all of this, he felt lost and without a path in life.

For him, the army was not an option growing up; he saw it as something that was not meant for people like him; however, life had other plans for his career and his mission in the world.

In this YouTube episode of the Veteran Led Podcast, John talks with Vincent about his life story, about his time in the military, and how he led his own path toward entrepreneurial success and happiness.

Vincent Vargas Story: From Inspiring Athlete to Serving the County

Vincent was a regular kid; he played baseball and struggled with academics throughout his youth.

He lost his baseball scholarship in college and was left without a future, or so he thought.

With a newborn daughter, no scholarship, and no plan for the future, he felt lost; he didn’t know where to go.

His family gave him an idea: why not join the army? At first, it seemed like a far-fetched dream. But Vincent did his homework. He read about the army, watched movies, and found himself inspired by them.

Slowly, this wild idea started to feel right. So, he decided to give it a try. He swapped his baseball glove for an army uniform and set out to serve his country and pursue this dream at the highest level.

Serving the Country: Not Like in the Movies

Vincent had always imagined his army life to be like the ones he’d seen in movies, series, and books. He pictured himself deployed in distant lands, playing a crucial role in ending wars in the world.

And while he did that, serving as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan, things were not as he imagined. He got out after his second enlistment and became a prison guard for some time.

While working as a prison guard, he realized this wasn’t his forever story.

He started understanding that serving his community didn’t always mean going overseas. He could make an impact right here, in the United States.

With this realization, he became a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

His new role allowed him to serve his country from within its borders, ensuring a safe environment for the citizens.

Serving one’s country comes in many forms. It’s not always about being on the front lines but about making a difference. Every type of service to the country is valuable.

Borderline: A Book About The Border Patrol Duty

Serving as a border patrol soldier is no easy job; there are a lot of sensitive situations and vulnerable people to deal with in this position.

People have a very different perspective of this job, not what really happens on duty, and he wanted to share with the world what this job was really about empathy, safety, and honor.

So, he decided to make a book, “Borderline: Defending the Home Front”. Here, he provides an insider’s view of patrol services and the military career field.

It offers an authentic depiction of the critical importance of this role, bringing readers closer to understanding the realities of serving one’s country from within its borders.

His Border Patrol Duty vs His Family History

This job turned out to be really rewarding for him; he felt like he was finally doing something for his country.

But his job was made more complex by the history of his family. His Mexican heritage, along with the story of his grandmother—an immigrant in search of a better future—created a whirlpool of emotions within him.

This internal conflict often made his duty as a border patrol soldier a challenging one.

Nonetheless, his family’s belief in the American Dream remained unshaken. And so did he.

Vincent upheld his faith in the land of opportunities and expressed gratitude towards the country. By serving the U.S., he created a better future for his family, marking a significant generational leap.

The Ugly Part

Of course, this is not all fun and games; what about the not-so-pretty part? About the drug exchange and terrorist organizations?

The grim reality of drug trafficking and terrorist organizations was an everyday challenge.

The impact of cartels on the opportunities for immigrants seeking a brighter future was a harsh truth he had to confront daily.

Sometimes, conflicting realities can coexist within one’s duty and heritage. But his commitment to his country and family remained steadfast through it all.

From Soldier to Leader and Entrepreneur

After serving some time in the borderlines, he decided he was ready to put his leadership into action and venture into new projects, something creative and something his.

So, without leaving the border lines yet, he began his clothing company. He created YouTube videos featuring military-themed t-shirt designs.

These behind-the-scenes glimpses and humorous clips quickly gained traction.

A veteran-owned company.

The venture proved successful, with sales reaching 1.5 million in its first year and doubling to 2.5 million in the second.

People like the Beteran brand because it is authentic, it speaks to other veterans, and it is something that connects with the audience even today.

However, as the competition intensified, Vincent sought fresh opportunities and new horizons to expand his entrepreneurial journey.

Range 15

Thus, he ventured into the whiskey business, establishing a new brand

Thanks to Beteran, this business was pretty much successful, helped him gain notoriety and he even got to make a movie called “Range 15” that helped propel this company forward and give him a taste of his next big project: movies and production.

From Entrepreneur to The Actor and Producer

Venturing beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Vincent Vargas also explored the realms of acting, writing, and production.

Transitioning into an actor’s role was a challenging endeavor. The industry was largely uncharted territory for veterans like him.

His biggest role so far is on the tv show Mayans M.C, the spinoff series to Sons of Anarchy.

However, Vincent was undeterred. He felt confident about carving out his unique path in the entertainment industry.

Vincent’s journey into acting was not merely about personal achievement. It was also about representation, giving a voice to the experiences and perspectives of veterans.

His roles often brought forth the untold stories of those who served their country, contributing to a richer, more inclusive narrative on the big screen.

Staying True to His Values

At the end of the day, and after all his life experiences, some might think that fame and success would have gotten the best of him, but Vincent always stays true to his values.

Throughout the highs and lows, Vincent has always maintained a firm foundation rooted in faith, family, and his country.

These values have been his guiding light, helping him navigate the complex terrain of his diverse career paths.

The strength of his convictions fuels his drive and passion. Regardless of how high the wave of fame rises, Vincent remains anchored to his principles.

His commitment to his values is not swayed by external circumstances, serving as a testament to his character.

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