Arizona Non-Profit Uses Tiny Homes For Big Problem

Arizona Non-Profit Uses Tiny Homes For Big Problem

With housing prices and rent in a steady incline and the number of veterans in need of housing assistance following, one Arizona organization aims to alleviate this large issue with a “tiny” solution. Build Us HOPE (BUH), a non-profit based out of Phoenix Arizona, set up shop in 2009 and has provided housing to over 2,500 people since opening its doors.

The Mission

Designing a “long-term, permanent community-based housing program that will provide supportive services for individuals who choose to participate in the programs we offer”. Although their houses are available to anyone who is in need and applies, they focus their efforts on supporting four main groups:

More so, BUH goes further than putting up the houses and filling them. Each house and resident will get an “innovative mix of affordable housing options” such as low cost with options for ownership, walking trails, meditation areas, and environmental sustainability. They also ensure to aid residents in acclimating to a “more modern and busy life”, an aspect all too frequently forgotten.

Holistic Help

The buck doesn’t stop once residents move in for BUH. Its members are active in fighting for housing reform and working with community leaders to establish a healthier existence for all Phoenix residents. Included in these efforts are:

  • Working to end barriers to housing
  • Supportive services for veterans
  • Creating prison reform for individuals with mental illnesses
  • Education, job and data reporting
  • Advocacy for underrepresented groups
  • Case management
  • Job retention services
  • Personal financial management
  • Substance Abuse

BUH currently has plans for three neighborhoods in Phoenix with one being specifically filled with Arizona Veterans. To learn more about BUH or get involved – click here to visit their website.

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