Alaska Veterans Bear Sub-Zero Temps, Create Lasting Memories

Nothing brings people together quite like sitting around a hole in face-numbing weather, right? In Alaska’s great tundra, The Hardwater Warriors are doing just that. The non-profit, an offshoot of Alaska’s Healing Hearts Organization, is bringing Alaska veterans and injured soldiers together through ice fishing expeditions. In their short tenure as an organization (three years) the group has seen over 340 vets drop a line in the ice.

Jeremiah Frye, an event organizer for Hardwater Warriors and a veteran himself, was quoted in one Alaskan news publication expressing the unique opportunity they provide veterans and their families, “People come to Alaska and it’s cold, it’s dark…this is an opportunity for the families to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.” He continued, “we have a lot of sponsors that help us make this happen as well, and we provide everything that out vets need to come out with their kids and enjoy a day on the lake.”

More and more we’re seeing non-profits pop up in each state, with focuses on veteran rehabilitation and outreach. Having outlets that provide spaces for veterans to connect, bond, share stories, and enjoy the great outdoors means having a much healthier and happier veteran community.

Hardwater Warriors hosts roughly 10 events each year. To read more about Hardwater Warriors, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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