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I am so glad I don’t have to shoulder the burden of fighting for my benefits by myself. There is such a great team at Berry Law Firm to stand shoulder to shoulder with me now. Mike has been great to work with and genuinely cares about us as Veterans. John having served himself and on some of the very streets we have patrolled not only gets where we are coming from as Veterans but knows how to employee his team to ensure someone has our six once we are done serving. Thank you to the whole crew there!

Chet Bennetts

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The Berry Law Firm has handled multiple VA claims for me. These claims have all been complex and prolonged. The staff is courteous, follows through, and persistent in pursuing these claims. They are thoroughly knowledgeable in dealing with the complex VA claims systems. I would recommend them to any veteran attempting to navigate the VA claims systems.

James Dentice


I have nothing but the fullest trust and confidence in your organization. I have such respect for what you’ve done for veterans and the dedication you have for such a worthy cause. I’m totally appreciative for all you’ve done for me and for my family. I have nothing but love and respect for the firm. I would encourage all veterans to contact Berry Law Firm.


The staff treats every case like it is their only case, which means that you get the attention and support that you deserve, as a former member of the United States military.

Ruben Slater


Alexandra Grant and Mike Koberlein have been exceedingly helpful in my struggles with the VA. I thank them wholeheartedly for their service to Veterans.

Steven Bickel PA-C
USN Disabled Veteran


Mike and the Berry law Firm has helped me get the proper rating with the VA. I could not have made it without the help I got from the Berry Law Firm and all of its fantastic people.

Willie Alexander


Seen a reference to the JS Berry Law Firm in a post on a Facebook page and went to their website and filled out the request for information, received a call the next day. After answering a number of questions and me asking many more, decided to have them represent me in filing my denied claims with the VA. Received a contract package explaining what they would be doing in representing me, it also explained what was needed from me. Very straightforward, no ifs ands or buts provided in layman’s language. The costs involved in them representing me was fully explained and is quite simple as it is set by law and explained in the original information package.

The first claim was for an increase in rating for PTSD, from 30 to 70%, a second claim was for Sleep Apnea which was denied because I and a state VSO had made it secondary to PTSD. Through the knowledge of the Berry firm they have filed a DRO with all the legal jargon and insuring that the “Ts” are crossed and “Is” are dotted.

I feel very confident in my receiving a positive resolution to my claim thanks to the dedicated lawyers and support staff at the JS Berry firm.

Ronald Rytter


A friend of mine told me he found Berry Law Firm and that it was the best thing he ever did. So, my wife called the firm to see if they could help me, and she told me the people she talked too were so nice. I decided to hire the firm in 2009, and they never gave up on me. I was very pleased. They explained everything up front. I could call at any time, and my call would be returned right away. I was never made to feel stupid. The staff let me know things were available to me that I didn’t even know about. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Our future is secure now, and you have no idea how that feels. We have Berry Law Firm to thank for that. When I got my back­pay award, I felt like I died and went to heaven. I was just the happiest Marine there was around. My wife says thumbs up!


When I called around to find a VA attorney to handle my case what made the biggest difference for me was that Berry Law Firm were the only attorneys who didn’t beat around the bush, the honesty I receive at Berry Law Firm is so important to me. The money is worth it because I do not have any stress. The staff and attorneys at Berry Law Firm consistently follow up with me and without me even saying anything they always fight the VA for me. I have had no stress through my representation and I’m very pleased with all the work they have done and all the work they are still doing on my claim.



People have to know that they have to try and they should not give up. I could have easily given up had it not been for the Berry Law Firm. My calls were returned. My emails were returned. If I was not with the Berry Law Firm who knows if I would have stuck with it. That’s really true. I’m just a little veteran out here and do not know the rules of the VA or how it works. I have a huge disability, and it impacts every area of my life. If I was just left to my own devices, I would have not known what to do.


Dear Attorneys John Berry and Perry Pirsch:

I am so grateful to you at Berry Law Firm for tolerating my many emails but most of all thank you for seeing the truth behind the smokescreen that the VA presented when they denied my original CUE claims for service connection.  You all have done a wonderful service to me in fighting the fight so many of us veterans have to fight just to get what we are entitled to.  God has no doubt blessed you with keen insight, understanding, and wisdom!  I know it’s not over, just celebrating this win, thank you!



Your law firm has changed the course of my life for me and my children. I am forever indebted to the dedication and diligence that your firm has given to seeking justice in my Veterans claim.

– R.S.


I’ve been dealing with the VA since my discharge in 1993. It just goes to show you if you don’t ask the right questions or know who to ask, you’re going to miss out. I missed out for years, about 20 of them, until I got help from the Berry Law Firm team. I went from 10% to 40% in a matter of months, and they are not done yet. I praise God that I can see goodness and help from those that can and do.
Thank you Berry Law Firm!

Steve Jackson


I would like to post my opinion of Berry Law Firm.

They have done an Excellent job representing my case before the Veterans administration.

They have worked hard to find records that support my claims.

I rate their service and devotion a TRIPLE AAA Firm.

Douglas Greenway, 9/21/2016


Thank you to the Berry Law Firm for your help getting my husband the VA compensation and benefits he deserves. Everyone at the firm was so friendly and respectful during this process. He tried to do this on his own, and it became very overwhelming. They make it so difficult that I think many veterans give up. Thank you again for taking the stress of the process away from the veteran and for the positive outcome. We highly recommend the Berry Law Firm, they are very professional and knowledgeable.

Thank you again,
Stan & Christy Hoffmeyer


As a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, working with the Veterans Administration can be overwhelming. We as Disabled Veterans just do not know how to deal with the bureaucracies of Government Agencies. On our own we go one direction and just the difference between one word on a VA Form can cause no action or rejection of a Compensation and Pension claim. So we have to turn to Veterans Agencies or Law Firms to help us with the proper direction.

I was given a low Disability Rating 1996 and for over 17 years, not really knowing the value of using help to get the proper rating, I fought alone including trying an unsuccessful appeal to accomplish.

After getting again what I felt as an improper Disability Rating I gave it a lot of thought and contacted a Law firm out of Indiana for help. After a few months I called for an update on where my action was going to submitted. Seems the Lawyer that was going to take my case left and they lost my file. I was done with them.

So I did some research and found the most recommended firm was Barry Law Firm. I was paired up with Jerusha Hancock. I was so Lucky. I am not an easy client. I like to talk and I like to know what is happening with my case. Jerusha always took the time to keep me updated.

After it seems to me that the VA was not moving on my case Jerusha recommend filing suit against the Local VA Office and The Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Within 10 days of filing I was called by the VA to set up a Compensation and Pension Exam, which by chance I did the very next day. Then 3 Weeks later my case way completed. I received everything I was deeming due. I am now rated at 100% IU and each and every joint is rated higher than before.

Because of Jerusha Hancock I am receiving the proper compensation that affords me the opportunity to buy a new home making my level of living bearable even with my disabilities. She always found time to answer my emails or call when I did not understand what was happening. She is the reason I can survive day to day now. With her recommendations I still have an open Cases and Appeals. She is trying even harder to get me elevated to receiving even more compensation, what a fantastic Job. Highly Recommend giving her a chance with your Claims.

Thank you for all your help.
Dan Prater


I am a Vietnam veteran and have experienced the Bureau of Veterans Affairs and their compensation review process for many years. Fortunately I asked Berry Law for their assistance with my claims. Berry Law has worked diligently on my claims and has been successful for which I owe them considerable gratitude. Thank you Berry Law.

Denny Larson


I tend to over-react. My counselor at the VA recommended I let a lawyer handle my PTSD claim, as I needed to leave it alone. Berry Law had all positive reviews on the Internet, so I contacted them. Margie Bailey reviewed my situation for several hours, and identified several other disabilities I might want to claim. I turned the problem over to her, and things slowly began to happen. My PTSD claim was approved quickly, but some of the others are still bouncing around in the VA. I am confident that the team at Berry is on top of them. Sometimes, I get confused or angry with the process, but I always get a quick response and then I let it go again. When my son came back from Iraq with a couple of physical problems, I recommended he contact both the VA and Berry Law and start getting the care he deserved. I wish I had done that when I was thirty rather than staying stuck in rage and denial.

Bob Redden


Micheal Koberlein’s my lawyer and he’s amazing! Berry Law Firm is legit! They took my case and pursued the VA aggressively and won. They’re communication during the process was superb too. I would recommend Berry Law Firm to any veteran. Its seriously the way to go. Your paperwork never comes up missing in the system since they track their every move and can communicate with the VA to advance your paperwork. Plus they can’t give the lawyers the run around like they do us veterans. You don’t pay anything until Berry Law Firm wins your claim in which will come out of your back pay. Its a Win Win situation!

Will Davis


I can’t thank the Berry Law firm and one of their attorneys- Susan McNamara enough plus all the staff who worked on my case. It was an old case from the ’70s and had I listened to guys at VA liaison office I would never got a higher disability rating. But this firm took my case and while it took awhile they called me make sure I was doing okay and were so kind. My disability rating was significantly increased so I can now get the medical help I need. I will forever be thankful to this firm and their employees – I also can’t forget Mike Koberlein who helped also.

Harry Conant

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