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Matt Knipe

As a United States Marine and criminal defense attorney, Matt Knipe believes that it’s his duty to protect all citizens, giving them a fair chance at a new life and a renewed reputation. He knows that the government often has the upper hand and is proud to bridge that power gap by safeguarding the individual rights of the clients he represents.

“Attention to detail can be everything when it comes to the law. My time in the Marine Corps taught me attention to detail, and it’s transferred to all areas of my life.”

Matt is currently serving as a Senior Enlisted Advisor/Detachment Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, assigned to Detachment 1, Maintenance Company located in Omaha. He was previously deployed to Afghanistan and has engaged in training operations around the world.

Standing behind the oath he took to uphold the Constitution, Matt is dedicated to protecting others from unlawful uses and abuses of power. He believes that everyone should be presumed innocent and will stop at nothing to secure the best possible outcome.

Matt forces the government to prove its case without exception to ensure that his clients are treated fairly and justly under the law. He understands that their lives and freedom are in his hands.

Matt obtained a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Drake University and his Juris Doctor from Drake Law School.

Matt Knipe Marine

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