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Daniel Kuhn

Husband, Father, Veteran, Explorer, Veterans’ Advocate at Berry Law

Daniel Kuhn is a committed Veteran. After 34 years of service in the Nebraska Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserves—including a year in Iraq as the Battalion Support Operations Officer—Dan returned to civilian life to help other Veterans with their disability appeals. A fighter with a competitive spirit, Dan is always eager to fight for others and influence the Veterans Administration to give Veterans the benefits they deserve.

Dan knows that receiving disability benefits after an arduous battle with the VA can be life-saving for many Veterans. Dan is energized by each opportunity to change the life of a fellow Veteran and help them feel a renewed confidence in their future. Several clients have already thanked him personally for helping them or their spouses receive compensation for their valiant efforts overseas, and Dan lives for these moments. If you are struggling to convince the VA of your service-connected disability, Dan is resolute in his ability to defend you and get you the back-pay you deserve.

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34 Years of Military Service
Lieutenant Colonel Military Rank
$216,961 Largest Backpay Award
7 Countries Visited

Military Commitment, Even at Home

With each new client he sees, Dan is further encouraged to move forward with what he knows is right. He believes in the statement by Edmund Burke, “For evil to succeed, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.” That’s why, after 34 years of service, Dan immediately returned to civilian life and served five years with the Military Order of the Purple Heart assisting Veterans with their disability claims. Through passion, determination, and sharp-minded skill, Dan was able to help many Veterans and their families receive disability compensation that drastically improved their lives, and continues to do so at Berry Law.

One of Dan’s favorite success stories is when he worked together with a victim of Agent Orange to gain his well-deserved disability benefits. His client’s vessel, the USS NOA, was not yet recognized by the VA as ships that were exposed to Agent Orange in 1969. Dan and his client worked diligently to obtain deck log records, pictures, and sworn statements from witnesses verifying the USS NOA docked in Qui Nhon Bay in Vietnam. Together, they successfully petitioned the VA to recognize the vessel as having been exposed to the deadly chemical agent; this finally opened the door for Dan’s client and his comrades to receive the disability benefits they deserved, and did so.

Each new success emboldens Dan to keep marching forward in his mission to do right by others. He never misses a chance to help any Veteran and is eager to be the change he wants to see in the world, for you.


Around the World

Dan is an avid traveler and has been across the U.S. and the world with his wife and best friend, Miriam. Together they are die-hard baseball fans and have plans to visit every Major League baseball stadium in the country (they’re already halfway there!). At home, Dan loves exploring the outdoors and spends a healthy amount of time hunting and fishing in the Nebraska wilderness. He’s comforted by working with his hands and is known for remodeling his home from time to time. No matter what he does, Dan enjoys enriching his life and others’ lives, and he faces the future with tenacity and excitement.

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