How long will the VA claims appeal process take? The answer depends on several factors, but the bottom line is this: Presenting a convincing case right away increases the likelihood of success at the earliest stages in the VA appeals process.

Disabled Veterans Benefits

After applying for disability benefits, veterans are often surprised by lengthy wait times that average over 260 days nationwide. The VA has a backlog of nearly 900,000 cases, according to reports. Legislators have passed new laws that are aimed at reducing this number, but shortening wait times doesn’t prevent applicants from being denied for confusing, unclear reasons, effectively placing them back on square one.

Veterans Benefits Disability Rating

Even if a claim is successfully processed, an inadequate disability rating can only be changed by sending a Notice of Disagreement and hiring a lawyer to assist with appealing the VA’s decision.

Many common service-connected injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries or back and spinal injuries, are difficult to adequately diagnose. When the VA gives a low disability rating based on inconclusive medical reports, a veteran suffering from these ailments may not receive the compensation he or she needs.

VA Benefits for Disability: Call for Help

All of this time spent waiting can make things extremely challenging for disabled veterans. If you suffered an in-service injury that still affects you today, please call Berry Law Firm at (888) 883-2483. The VA claims appeals process can be a very time-consuming process, and we will do all we can to reduce your wait time and get you the benefits you deserve.