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Client Testimonials

Meet Chet

“Having the ability to go talk to a fellow veteran that will be able to represent me and has been where I’ve been – has literally walked the streets in Iraq that I walked – and now is able to convey the message that I need to convey, on my behalf, is critical.” - Chet Bennetts, Iraq War Veteran

Meet "Smiley"

“John Berry and Perry...they have been a life-saver for me...wherever I have been, they have always protected me.” - "Smiley", Vietnam Veteran

Meet Terry

"Berry Law was very methodical in examining the records that I had...They found many discrepancies that Veteran Administration had made in my appeals process...They're always available. They're approachable, they're friendly and very professional" - Terry Straatmann, Air Force Veteran

Meet Larry

"I came to Berry Law, and they really helped me. I like helping other veterans, and Berry Law does such a damn good job. They know the system... everything just has to be just so worded, so correct... So, I owe a lot to Berry Law." - Larry Sabata, Army Veteran

Meet Jim

"They were still shooting and a naval boat offshore had some big guns. We directed fire in from that and they fired off a couple of salvos and shut them right on up." - Jim Spanel, Silver Star Recipient

Meet Chris

"I served twenty years. John was platoon leader back in 1998 and 1999. We deployed to Bosnia together in the same platoon. In my twenty year career, he was probably the best platoon leader I’ve worked for. " - Chris Kowalewski, Bronze Star with V Device Recipient

  • “The staff was very pleasant and kept me informed every step of the way. They did more for me in 5 months than the DAV has done in 15 years. Don’t hesitate to hire these lovely people to take on the VA for you!

    It’s been a year and they are still fighting to get my rating increased, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Berry Law Firm has not only done an excellent job, they made me actually like lawyers! At least their firm of lawyers.”

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Kerry Waddle
  • “I was lost through the VA system, and was referred to Berry Law Firm through a very close and wonderful friend. When I finally got to talk to the firm about my history, they made it easy for me to understand what was going on. The ladies that worked on my case made me feel at ease while I was so upset, and made me understand my Mental Anxiety which is now called PTSD. If I ever had a question or did not understand what they were talking about they made me understand what was going on. I felt the world come off my shoulders to have someone who understood the way I was feeling. I Highly Recommend Berry Law Firm to all our Veterans. Thank you for all you have done and still doing on my behalf. Words cannot express my gratitude to BERRY LAW FIRM.”

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Francis Cross, Jr
  • “As a Veteran, Berry Law Firm has done a great job thus far in making sure that I get awarded the disability benefits that VA denied because of the bureaucratic red tape. Without their help, expertise, and dedication, it would have been an uphill battle to get awarded a just and fair disability rating. I highly recommend Berry Law Firm or an attorney who is versed in VA disability over a VA Service Representative any day! All the attorneys I’ve worked with in Berry Law Firm are knowledgeable and highly capable of going the distance to get the job done!

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Jay Bre
  • “Berry Law Firm has consistently stayed on top of my claim. The process has taken longer than I thought, nonetheless, they kept me informed on the progress.  I would recommend their service to all veterans who are filling a claim for VA disability benefits.”

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Chochise Potts, Sr:
  • “Where to Begin? Well let’s give credit where credit is due…THE BERRY LAW FIRM…. Disability from 10% to 90%! Let me explain! I got out of the military in April 1998. I had half of a lung removed, constant migraines, PTSD, and other issues. When I got out, I applied for disability benefits with the help of a local veterans group, with very little success. The V.A. only awarded me a miserable 10% rating of $103.00 a month, apparently that’s the value that the V.A. places on 1/2 a lung. I disputed it several times and after 2/3 years of being denied, I gave up. I got discouraged like most Vets do. So from 1998- 2009 I didn’t pursue any additional increases in disability because it just seemed so impossibly overwhelming.

    When I visited the V.A. hospital in Los Angeles in 2009-2010, and chatted with my fellow military brothers. I kept getting the same response, ‘YOU GOT SCREWED.’ So I talked to a lady there that helped me file my claim. Now that my claim was filed I needed someone to fight for me. I had a lot of recommendations from friends and family but after speaking to my father, I chose BERRY LAW FIRM. My father used them as well and had nothing but fantastic things to say about them. So I gave them a shot. Berry Law firm took on my case to help me.

    I got my first medical review, then a response, and an increase of 30% (overall total to 40%). I was happy with that but not satisfied. I called Berry Law firm and discussed disputing my case, and we did. They went to bat for me again. I went to my next medical review and then got another 10%. Again I was happy but not satisfied. I called Berry Law firm again and expressed my concern for the rating the V.A. gave me. Batter up! Berry Firm again disputed this with the V.A. After 5 years of tireless fighting and an exceptional amount of patience, I now have a rating of 90% and yes my claim was back dated. I went from $103 to nearly $2400 a month. I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for Berry’s Law Firm. I would recommend them to any Veteran who is having difficulty with getting a rating increase. This is ABSOLUTELY the only place I would tell them to take their case. Believe me, my family, my wife, and 6 kids are incredibly grateful for the outcome and it’s ONLY BECAUSE OF BERRY LAW FIRM.

    We sincerely thank you!
    The Fletcher Family.”

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Sean Fletcher
  • My husband and I have been working with Berry Law Firm for several years concerning his claims for VA disability. Everyone at Berry Law Firm has been extremely professional, caring, and diligent in seeking justice for my husband. The work of our current representative from the firm, Jerusha Hancock, is particularly impressive.

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Sue Sutton
  • With Berry Law Firm’s commitment to excellence, I went from 0% disability to 100% disability in 4 years. This was after the VA had refused my disability claims numerous times and notified me to stop applying for disability because I wasn’t going to get any. I have and will continue to recommend Berry Law Firm to all disabled veterans I come in contact with.

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Mario Tomsich
  • I would not have won the maximum Veteran’s disability benefits I qualified for without the help of the Berry Law Firm. I can, without a doubt, recommend Berry Law Firm to all Veterans needing help with their V.A. disability appeals!

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Thomas Bass
  • “My claim is still in the works, but my experience with the Berry Law Firm has been very pleasant. They are very professional and knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to represent me, and that I appreciate very much. I know that if I need to talk to their team and I leave a message, they get that message and return my call and without disregarding any concern I might have. And, hopefully, this will get settled soon…I know they are doing their best to resolve this for me. We do have half the battle completed!”

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Larry Cissna
  • “The Berry Law Firm has represented me for several years. After having very little success in dealing directly with the VA for PTSD and some other disabilities, I turned to them for assistance. The difference in the attention my claim received was absolutely incredible. Their firm has a strong and direct approach with the VA. Not only are they fast acting, but the VA accelerated their processing of my claim. In the time I have been associated with the Berry Law Firm I have received two increases in my disability level. They are always on top of my claim and keep me constantly informed as to its status, and their associates always provide me with creative ideas and approaches to handling my claim. i highly recommend their firm.”

    5 star rating for testimonials

    Mike Fuson

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