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Testimonials: Discover What Other Veterans Have to Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Meet Chet

“Having the ability to go talk to a fellow veteran that will be able to represent me and has been where I’ve been – has literally walked the streets in Iraq that I walked – and now is able to convey the message that I need to convey, on my behalf, is critical.” - Chet Bennetts, Iraq War Veteran

Meet "Smiley"

“John Berry and Perry...they have been a life-saver for me...wherever I have been, they have always protected me.” - "Smiley", Vietnam Veteran

Meet Terry

"Berry Law was very methodical in examining the records that I had...They found many discrepancies that Veteran Administration had made in my appeals process...They're always available. They're approachable, they're friendly and very professional" - Terry Straatmann, Air Force Veteran

Meet Larry

"I came to Berry Law, and they really helped me. I like helping other veterans, and Berry Law does such a damn good job. They know the system... everything just has to be just so worded, so correct... So, I owe a lot to Berry Law." - Larry Sabata, Army Veteran

Meet Jim

"They were still shooting and a naval boat offshore had some big guns. We directed fire in from that and they fired off a couple of salvos and shut them right on up." - Jim Spanel, Silver Star Recipient

Meet Chris

"I served twenty years. John was platoon leader back in 1998 and 1999. We deployed to Bosnia together in the same platoon. In my twenty year career, he was probably the best platoon leader I’ve worked for. " - Chris Kowalewski, Bronze Star with V Device Recipient

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “I used Berry Law firm to represent me in VA appeals, that I was denied service connected problems that happened to me while I was in active duty and my active reserve years. They were very Instrumental in obtaining a denied VA benefit percentage for me and my family. Berry Law Firm is still working on my behalf to obtain other claims that I was denied. I strongly recommend the Law Firm to any Veterans that are seeking help.. I am from Alabama.”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Berry Law Firm is motivated and dedicated to helping veterans with their disability needs. It was a lot easier and more effective than to keep doing it on my own and failing. They helped me reach for the stars and beyond. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put forth and continue to put forth on my behalf.”

    Brandy T.
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Berry Law Is the Best
    Second to none:!!
    First experience they not only helped me win my claims but got me to . percent first try.
    And now they just got me Approved for Aid & Attendance first try as well and was so quick less than two months I was approved for AA.
    EMILY WEISS is my lawyer & she was on point every step of the way, she explained to me step by step what I needed to do and what forms I needed to submit. Emily is awesome !!!
    Berry Law is the best, but besides being the best I believe their Gods Blessings from above to help veterans fight an uphill battle that many veterans fail to win !!!
    That is why every veteran I come in contact with that needs help with VA Claims
    I always refer to them as Berry Law !!!
    Let the professionals do the fighting for us !!! Veterans we did our part fighting for our country now it is time to be compensated for our sacrifice !!!
    Amen 🙏
    Berry Law Firm !!!”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “The Best PTSD Lawyer Firm Created for Veterans, Took Them Less Than A 1yr To get my 100 VA Disability. If you are stressed out and wanna give up on your VA Disability give them a Call. Best Team of Lawyers, Honest And Up Front.”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Their representation was unsurpassed in excellence in taking what I thought was an unwinnable situation and getting justice for me. They are truly the best in their field.”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Finding Berry Law Firm happened by accident i wasn’t really looking for a Lawyer just information just so turned out this was the best decision I’ve ever made using Berry law firm Thanks You Guys for everything”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Berry Law, now! when you hear that business name hands down you should have already trusted this company. Berry Law handled my claim with the fullest of the best intentions. They not only got my 60% from the VA but Berry Law helped me change my life . I did nothing but give them the requested paperwork and answer a few short questions over a small timespan. The outcome of my case is direct reflection of how Berry Law and associates operate . Which as God as my witness proves that berry Law is the best in there field. I worked directly with a few of the attorneys and associates at the beginning, Jessica, who started the process with my case . There was no hesitation with her willingness to want to help me achieve the best rating she could get . Jessica thank you for your hospitality and eagerness to bring me aboard. I had the chance to meet a nice lady named Laura who took handled a lot of my documents . There was not a moment when I became unsure if I would have my questions answered In a timely manner. If I was thinking Laura was already responding or responded thus actually making me comfortable and happy with my choice in picking Berry Law as my lawyer’s. Last but not least there’s a gentleman name Seth whom I believe took on a lot from me as my claim can’t to an end . Seth my friend Thank you for your patience, as it was of an essence with my needs . Your character was a spot in match in regards to being part of such a wonderful team at Berry Law . You were there to I unmake sure I could understood in fine detail how the process was coming along . I never left a conversation with Seth not knowing what he was helping me to understand. I consider you my brother as well as a business partner Seth, thank you again for understanding my concerns when they needed to be met by . This goes for all of you at Berry Law , cause it was team effort and you all were there to have each other’s back for all us veterans. I love you guys and will never forget you. If anyone is considering a PTSD lawyer to represent you in your claim process, then choose berry Law and Associates ,f because this firm cares about you. They set the bar for all PTSD lawyer’s . Everyone at Berry Law thank you I could not have had things done easier for me keep up the strongest team work that you choose to offer everyday. Happy New Year.”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “This firm is amazing. I had lost hope, they restored it. They are still fighting for me. Thank you Berry Law Firm.”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Berry Law Firm has been a great help to me. The V.A. was not doing anything for me and they had even told me that I could no longer go to any V.A. clinic or hospital. I am now 90% Service Connected Disabled thanks to Berry Law Firm. Thank you Berry Law Firm you have made my life worth living and you have helped restore my pride and my belief that there are still good people in this World.”

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Excellent experience! Berry Law Firm handled my VA appeal and was able to resolve it with ease. I have already been recommending them to my friends and I would recommend them to any one who needs help with VA claims.”


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