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Testimonials: Discover What Other Veterans Have to Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Meet Chet

“Having the ability to go talk to a fellow veteran that will be able to represent me and has been where I’ve been – has literally walked the streets in Iraq that I walked – and now is able to convey the message that I need to convey, on my behalf, is critical.” - Chet Bennetts, Iraq War Veteran

Meet "Smiley"

“John Berry and Perry...they have been a life-saver for me...wherever I have been, they have always protected me.” - "Smiley", Vietnam Veteran

Meet Terry

"Berry Law was very methodical in examining the records that I had...They found many discrepancies that Veteran Administration had made in my appeals process...They're always available. They're approachable, they're friendly and very professional" - Terry Straatmann, Air Force Veteran

Meet Larry

"I came to Berry Law, and they really helped me. I like helping other veterans, and Berry Law does such a damn good job. They know the system... everything just has to be just so worded, so correct... So, I owe a lot to Berry Law." - Larry Sabata, Army Veteran

Meet Jim

"They were still shooting and a naval boat offshore had some big guns. We directed fire in from that and they fired off a couple of salvos and shut them right on up." - Jim Spanel, Silver Star Recipient

Meet Chris

"I served twenty years. John was platoon leader back in 1998 and 1999. We deployed to Bosnia together in the same platoon. In my twenty year career, he was probably the best platoon leader I’ve worked for. " - Chris Kowalewski, Bronze Star with V Device Recipient

  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Berry Law Is the Best
    Second to none !!!
    First experience they not only helped me win my claims but got me to percent first try.
    And now they just got me Approved for Aid & Attendance first try as well and was so quick less then two months I was approved for AA.
    EMILY WEISS is my lawyer & she was on point every step of the way, she explained to me step by step what I needed to do and what forms I needed to submit. Emily is awesome !!!
    Berry Law is the best, but besides being the best I believe their Gods Blessings from above to help veterans fight an uphill battle that many veterans fails to win !!!
    That is why every veteran I come in contact with that needs help with VA Claims
    I always refer them to Berry Law !!!
    Let the professionals do the fighting for us !!! Veterans we did our part fighting for our country now it is time to be compensated for our scarifies !!!
    Berry Law Firm !!!”

    Mark P, Review on Google 9/27/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Thank you Jerusha..!

    Because of Jerusha Hancock I am receiving the proper compensation that affords me the opportunity to buy a new home making my level of living bearable even with my disabilities. She always found time to answer my emails or call when I did not understand what was happening. She is the reason I can survive day to day now. With her recommendations I still have an open Cases and Appeals. She is trying even harder to get me elevated to receiving even more compensation, what a fantastic Job. Highly Recommend giving her a chance with your Claims.

    Thank you for all your help.”

    Daniel P, Review on Google 9/22/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “I’m a former paratrooper that was turned down for back and neck problems 4 times by the VA due to “not being service-related.”

    Berry Law Firm took my case and was able to show that my injuries were, in fact, service-related. They were able to help me get approval from 30% to 60% disability. Life-changing.

    Worth every penny of the contingency fee that they deservedly earned!”

    Patrick Kennedy, Review on Google 9/16/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “The Berry Law Firm is the quintessential advocate for Veterans. From the intake process, throughout the information collection, and during the final appeal litigation – the entire Berry team was engaged to keep me informed and deliver on their commitment to provide me with the best legal representation. I highly recommend the Berry Law Firm to Veterans who are tired of getting caught-up in the bureaucracy of the claims process.”


    Ray Sanchez, Review on Google 9/9/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “I highly recommend Berry Law Firm. Working with Josef and the team was a great and rewarding experience. Thank you.”



    John Stanford, Review on Facebook 9/3/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Berry Law and its top notch staff of professionals fight hard to deliver the best quality legal services to veterans and their families, overcoming years of setbacks with complex disability claims that would otherwise remain denied without this firm’s involvement. They are the most caring and competent team which takes on and overcomes the Department of Veterans Affairs’s mundane claims processes and to the benefit of former service members who receive the proper outcome with Berry Law’s assistance.”

    E.D.C. (Thomas’ Client) Review on Google 5/2/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “I used Berry Law firm to represent me in VA appeals, that I was denied service connected problems that happened to me while I was in active duty and my active reserve years. They were very Instrumental in obtaining a denied VA benefit percentage for me and my family. Berry Law Firm is still working on my behalf to obtain other claims that I was denied. I strongly recommend the Law Firm to any Veterans that are seeking help.. I am from Alabama.”

    C.D. Review on Google 2/29/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Amazing team here. I was stuck at 90% and knew that I was entitled to have 100% but I just did not know what else I needed to do to prove the condition. I was within the year after service when I was diagnosed and the VA still denied it. Berry Law Firm handled everything with respect. I have already sent another veteran over to them. The amount they charge is worth it and is usually just pulled from the award, so no money upfront. Would tell anyone to go here for VA claims.”

    J.M. (Stephani’s Client) Review on Google 2/11/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “I was referred to Berry Law Firm two years ago by a disabled veteran friend who spoke very highly of the firm. I contacted them and found them to be highly professional and very proactive in representing me with the VA. After almost two years with them I have nothing except glowing comments from these people.”

    W.B. Review on Google 2/04/20
  • 5 star rating for testimonials

    “Berry law firm works really hard for your case. They have done a lot of work for me doing all the necessary paperwork for my VA claim. They always keep me informed of what’s going on. I can always call and talk to my lawyer when needed. I would definitely recommend this firm. THEY are A+++ in my book.”

    S.D. Review on Google 1/28/20

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