VA Claim Denied for PTSD

The photo above is me during a break on patrol in Bosnia in 1999. As you can see, Kevlar helmet and flak vest have been removed. For those of you that served in the Balkans, you probably remember the light-skinned Humvees, Kevlar helmets, and flak vests. This was in stark contrast to my deployment to Iraq, where we had the new IBA body armor, ACH helmet, and up-armored vehicles. The technological advances from the 1990s to the 2000s were fascinating.

In many ways, modern medicine has kept up.

Unfortunately, while recognition for treatment of PTSD has improved over the years, veterans are often denied service connection or the correct disability rating for their post-traumatic stress disorder.

VA Claim Denied for PTSD

Sometimes the VA just misses the target. Berry Law Firm has represented veterans who have filed good claims and provided good supporting evidence but still had their benefits claim denied. Upon review of some of these files, we found success through simply re-explaining to the VA what the veteran already provided.

We’ve also represented veterans denied service connection or given minimal service connection because they didn’t feel comfortable telling the VA doctor certain symptoms associated with their PTSD. This is common. Many members of our military are tough and do not like to discuss moments of weakness.

I remember a road march at Fort Benning, where a soldier I was with complained about a pain in his heel. We all made fun of him until we got to the end of the 12-mile road march, when he poured blood out of his leather boot from the damaging blisters that he had on his foot. Many veterans deal the same way, they do not want to complain, they do not want to appear weak. Unfortunately, without honest and accurate information, a veteran runs the risk of receiving insufficient disability compensation or not being service-connected at all.

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