How to Prepare for Your C&P Examination

Compensation and pension examinations make a lot of veterans nervous. After all, you’re going to see someone who will make a determination as to whether you have a disability, and if you do, what the severity of the disability is. It’s important to attend any exams that the VA schedules for you, and if you can’t attend, be sure to let the VA know as soon as possible. Not showing up for an exam can result in a rating reduction, or even an automatic denial.

Preparing For Your Exam

However, there are ways to some ways that you can prepare for your C&P examination. First, review the Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) for the condition or conditions for which you are seeking compensation. The examiners are generally limited as to what they can ask, and reviewing the DBQ will give you a good idea of what you can expect during the exam. In addition, reviewing the DBQ will also give you a chance to look up any unfamiliar terms so that you know what the examiner is asking.

Next, do not try to downplay or minimize your symptoms. The examiner is not going to give you points for being stoic. Be honest about things like pain levels, psychological symptoms, and flare ups. Remember, you want to give the examiner an accurate picture of your current problems.

Finally, pay attention to what is said during the exam, and what the examiner’s qualifications and attitude are like. The VA is required to provide an adequate examination with a qualified person, and if it does not do so, that is grounds for challenging the results later on.

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