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Several of our attorneys and staff are veterans. We have served as officers, NCOs and enlisted soldiers. Members of our team have served in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. From the jungles of Vietnam to the Iraqi Desert, we deployed to foreign lands to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

VA Benefits for Service-Related Injury or Illness

If you were injured during military service, you deserve financial compensation and medical care. The Berry Law Firm proudly represents injured veterans nationwide. We aggressively pursue entitled benefits for military men and women who sacrificed their health and well-being in serving their country.

If your veterans disability claim has been denied or downplayed, please call (855) 278-7414 to arrange a free consultation or contact us online. Our firm handles VA disability cases throughout the United States.

Experienced VA Claims Lawyers for Disabled Veterans Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides financial compensation and medical benefits to veterans who were injured in the scope of military service. This covers active duty or training in the U.S. armed forces, including members of the National Guard and Reserves.

  1. You must have served six months active duty or served in combat.
  2. You must be currently in the military or have been discharged other than dishonorably.
  3. You must have a physical or mental condition directly attributable to (or a pre-existing condition made worse by) a service connection.

The amount of compensation is based primarily on your assessed disability rating, from 0 percent to 100 percent disabled. If you are rated at 30 percent or higher, you may receive supplemental compensation for a spouse, dependent children or parents.

Qualifying vets may also be eligible for other benefits:

  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Employment assistance
  • Education and training assistance
  • Total disability based on individual unemployability (TDIU) compensation
  • Life insurance and traumatic injury insurance

Nationwide Veterans Disability Attorneys

Development of VA disability claims is a major focus of our firm. We advise clients at all stages of the VA claims appeals process. We provide aggressive representation for appeals of denied VA claims at regional offices and the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (USCAVC). We appeal claim denials or unfavorable disability ratings on a contingency fee basis.

Founding attorney John S. Berry Sr. and his son John S. Berry Jr. are themselves veterans. Their familiarity with military life and the Veterans Affairs bureaucracy, coupled with decades of collective experience in criminal and civil trial advocacy, makes them uniquely qualified for veterans disability benefits law. The entire team at the Berry Law Firm is on your side and eager to help in any way we can.

You have a right to disability benefits, and we take an aggressive approach to VA claims. To speak with our veterans disability benefits attorneys, please call (855) 278-7414 today. Your consultation is free.