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Client Testimonials

Meet Chet

“Having the ability to go talk to a fellow veteran that will be able to represent me and has been where I’ve been – has literally walked the streets in Iraq that I walked – and now is able to convey the message that I need to convey, on my behalf, is critical.” - Chet Bennetts, Iraq War Veteran

Meet "Smiley"

“John Berry and Perry...they have been a life-saver for me...wherever I have been, they have always protected me.” - "Smiley", Vietnam Veteran

Meet Terry

“Berry Law was very methodical in examining the records that I had...They found many discrepancies that the Veteran Administration had made in my appeals process...They're always available. They're approachable, they're friendly and very professional.” - Terry Straatmann, Air Force Veteran

Meet Larry

“I came to Berry Law, and they really helped me. I like helping other veterans, and Berry Law does such a damn good job. They know the system... everything just has to be just so worded, so correct... So, I owe a lot to Berry Law.” - Larry Sabata, Army Veteran

  • “Your professionalism and honesty with veterans like myself set your law firm apart. You successfully got my 100% which I appreciate. Berry Law Firm has represented me throughout my disability claim and they have always been looking out for my interests.”

    Felicisimo Limon
  • “I would go through the process again with Berry Law Firm if I had the opportunity. I would also recommend Berry Law Firm to any veteran. Whenever I needed information, I received a response from Mike right away. He has done great things for me. I don’t know how long he’s been there, but you should keep him around.”

    Raymond Fuller, Texas
  • “Thank you to John Stevens Berry Law Firm for helping me get the favorable rating from the V. A. Benefits Section.”

  • “I just wanted to personally thank you for your help in getting me straightened out on my VA claim. Your staff has been great and Lorraine even got back to me on a Saturday while she was working. Also thanks for getting me hooked up with the firm that made my Nexus letter come to life.”

  • “A friend of mine told me he found Berry Law Firm and that it was the best thing he ever did. So, my wife called the firm to see if they could help me, and she told me the people she talked too were so nice. I decided to hire the firm in 2009, and they never gave up on me. I was very pleased. They explained everything up front. I could call at any time, and my call would be returned right away. I was never made to feel stupid. The staff let me know things were available to me that I didn’t even know about. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Our future is secure now, and you have no idea how that feels. We have Berry Law Firm to thank for that. When I got my back­pay award, I felt like I died and went to heaven. I was just the happiest Marine there was around. My wife says thumbs up!”

  • “When I called around to find a VA attorney to handle my case what made the biggest difference for me was that Berry Law Firm were the only attorneys who didn’t beat around the bush, the honesty I receive at Berry Law Firm is so important to me. The money is worth it because I do not have any stress. The staff and attorneys at Berry Law Firm consistently follow up with me and without me even saying anything they always fight the VA for me. I have had no stress through my representation and I’m very pleased with all the work they have done and all the work they are still doing on my claim.”

  • “People have to know that they have to try and they should not give up. I could have easily given up had it not been for the Berry Law Firm. My calls were returned. My emails were returned. If I was not with the Berry Law Firm who knows if I would have stuck with it. That’s really true. I’m just a little veteran out here and do not know the rules of the VA or how it works. I have a huge disability, and it impacts every area of my life. If I was just left to my own devices, I would have not known what to do.”

  • Dear Attorneys John Berry and Perry Pirsch:

    “I am so grateful to you at Berry Law Firm for tolerating my many emails but most of all thank you for seeing the truth behind the smokescreen that the VA presented when they denied my original CUE claims for service connection. You all have done a wonderful service to me in fighting the fight so many of us veterans have to fight just to get what we are entitled to. God has no doubt blessed you with keen insight, understanding, and wisdom! I know it’s not over, just celebrating this win, thank you!”

  • “I’ve been dealing with the VA since my discharge in 1993. It just goes to show you if you don’t ask the right questions or know who to ask, you’re going to miss out. I missed out for years, about 20 of them, until I got help from the Berry Law Firm team. I went from 10% to 40% in a matter of months, and they are not done yet. I praise God that I can see goodness and help from those that can and do.

    Thank you Berry Law Firm!”

    Steve Jackson
  • “I would like to post my opinion of Berry Law Firm. They have done an Excellent job representing my case before the Veterans administration. They have worked hard to find records that support my claims. I rate their service and devotion a TRIPLE AAA Firm.”

    Douglas Greenway, 9/21/2016

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